Are You Paying to be Liked? Was it worth it? Do you even know?

Are You Paying to be Liked? Was it worth it? Do you even know?

A staggering percentage of people, ninety percent, who like a facebook page never come back. *Source: Social Media Examiner Why is that? For a lot of businesses, they came, they saw, they liked, they took your freebie and they moved on. If you didn’t have a plan to provide compelling, shareable content on your wall and just used the like as an opportunity to promote your business, then they probably even blocked your page’s posts from their wall or just outright unliked it.

Most businesses are using gimmicks (one-time promotional items, discount codes, etc…) to buy a like. Once they have that like, though, there seems to be little thought about what to do with it. HINT: See our previous post for some tips on sharing compelling content to get your customers to engage with your business and ultimately promote your brand to their friends.

Like ButtonLikes are nice, even essential to help build a community around your business. Being liked isn’t really why you’re in business, though, is it? Let’s face it, being liked online or offline is just an indicator, a measurement of possible intent. It’s merely a handshake, a “Hi, how are you?” in the digital age.

As I’m sure all business owners can attest to, there are a large number of factors that go into making a sale, closing a deal, keeping your customers happy and loyal. It can take a number of touches with a potential customer to gain their trust and ultimately close the deal.

So why are businesses so easily convinced that being liked is the end goal of a Social Media campaign? Obviously there’s no single answer but, I think that one of the biggest reasons is that it’s a quick, easy measurable outcome. We’re being told that it’s important because those little numbers are simply everywhere.

I hate to break it to you, but just like any system that’s easy to understand and manipulate, it can be corrupted. There are whole “like factories” that have sprung up around the world where you can buy as many likes, followers, reviews, etc… that you want. So ask yourself, does it help your business to have thousands of random people from a “like factory” in Asia on your page?

Before you started your last social media campaign:

  1. Did you or your agency define your target audience first?
  2. Did you then base your promotions and ad campaigns to target that audience?
  3. Did you check your page insights to see if your results matched up to the campaign’s original goals?
  4. Have you seen a change in your companies sales numbers since you began using Social Media?

It’s time to get back to the basics of business development; target market research, customer surveys, etc… Like many people have said already, Social Media can only be truly effective in growing your business if it’s integrated into your marketing/business development plan. Engaging with social media can make it easier (and usually cheaper) to gain insights into your customers and provide an immediate and effective way to communicate with them.

What are your thoughts? Did your last Social Media Marketing campaign truly target your customer base?

– Mike