The Personal Branding Experience that is LinkedIn

The Personal Branding Experience that is LinkedIn

There’s no doubt, none at all. LinkedIn is a personal branding tool. Yet, that notion seems so foreign to so many of the people I speak with everyday. They have a LinkedIn profile and are getting daily requests to connect. They know they want to, but they hold back because their profile is incomplete. Well, of course, you’re practically invisible, so I say, “Wise move!”

Invisible profile on LinkedInEveryday, I train clients on how to optimize their LinkedIn presence. Fancy words – they’re meant to compel you to action. You have an amazing FREE tool (for now) at your disposal that allows you to define your brand – not your company’s brand, YOUR personal brand. Yet, so many don’t take advantage of it.

There is literally a magnetic quality to LinkedIn. Different than Facebook, much more about what’s happening in my industry, who can I tap as a resource, what does this new client do, etc. There are dozens of tools and actions you can take to be visible and accessible for your audience. Success stories abound – if you’ve been reading this blog, you know my own.

So, since LinkedIn is compelling you there – Take it on! Get your LinkedIn profile Up-to-Date. It needs your attention so that it gets you seen the way YOU want to be seen. Look at it like this – can the 1) directories that list you, or 2) reviews on 3rd party websites or 3) even your own “static” website content do a better job of telling your story than you can?

What’s more, did you realize that LinkedIn has exceptional authority with the search engines? Do this exercise for me: If you have a LinkedIn profile, Google yourself. What position did your LinkedIn profile have – was it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

When you clicked on the LinkedIn profile, what did you see? Sadly, if it’s anything like what I see all the time, it’s a skeleton figure of your professional life. Is that really how you want someone clicking thru to perceive you? As incomplete, as missing information, as invisible?

Absolutely NOT!

Look at LinkedIn as an extension of your offline communications – it’s the place more and more will go to learn about you, on their own time, on their own smartphone or tablet PC. Take that step – optimize your personal brand. It’s that important!

I’m so glad to be back! Please comment below and share your own experience with LinkedIn, would love to make the next blog post about tips for your particular LinkedIn questions.

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